TROPOMI's aerosol layer height algorithm : interpretation of the retrieved height parameter

C.E. Koning, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)
De Bilt : KNMI

TROPOMI's Aerosol Layer Height algorithm currently assumes a simplified aerosol profile in the form of a single layer of homogeneously distributed aerosols. The height of this layer is retrieved by using height information from the O2 A band. It is not straightforward to interpret the retrieved height parameter, since true aerosol profiles are typically complex and heterogeneous. We used radiative transfer theory to better understand the retrieved parameter. In addition to an available multiple scattering description of the radiation field, a single scattering approximation was developed as well. Comparing the single scattering approximation to the full multiple scattering radiative transfer revealed that the approximation is accurate inside strong absorption parts of the O2 A band for realistic aerosol profiles.

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(Intern rapport ; IR 2014-02)
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