The effect of updating scavenging and conversion rates on cloud droplets and ice particles in the TM global chemistry transport model

J.E. Williams, G.J. van Zadelhoff and M.P. Scheele, Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut
De Bilt : KNMI

In this technical report we document the updates which have been made to the heterogeneous reaction data used online in the TM model for the calculation of Henry’s Law Co-efficients. The hydration step which needs to be included for the correct partitioning of aldehydes is now included explicitly which results in increases in the fraction transferred into the aqueous phase.  In addition, wet deposition of all aldehydes is now included in the model.

VIII, 45 p.
Fig., tab. ; 30 cm
(Technical report = Technisch rapport ; TR-308)
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