Review of the KNMI clutter removal scheme

I. Holleman and H. Beekhuis, Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut
De Bilt : KNMI

In the early 90s, a stepwise procedure for the rejection of anomalous propagation) clutter has been developed and implemented in the C-band weather radars of KNMI. This procedure is based on distinguishing between the inherently fluctuating Rayleigh-scattered precipitation signals and the relatively stable ground clutter signals. A Dynamical clutter map is constructed from the "fluctuation" flags using a spatial averaging procedure and a decision-making model. Anomalous propagation clutter over land is removed almost completely, while the system is partly (40 %) effective in removing sea clutter. All in all, the radar operators and customers are quite satisfied with the performance of this statistical clutter rejection method.

52 p. : fig., tab. ; 30 cm
(Technical report = Technisch rapport ; TR-284)
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ISSN 01691708