Hypocenter Estimation of Detected Event near Venlo on September 3rd 2018

J. Spetzler ...(etc.), Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)
De Bilt : KNMI

The hypocenter of the recorded earthquake on September 3rd 2018 close to Venlo has been determined. Data from a local network, managed by the seismic contractor Q-con, were used in the seismological analysis. Several hypocenter methods and velocity models were used in the analysis of the source location of the earthquake. The epicenter of the event is found to be close to the geothermal field which is operated by Californië Wijnen Geothermie. The event is confined to depths between 3.2 km and 9.2 km which are depth values coming from the usage of different hypocenter methods and velocity models. Previously the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute reported a depth of 1 km, based on the routine analysis of data from a regional network. Using the local network, such a shallow depth can be ruled out.

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(Technical report = Technisch rapport ; TR-369)
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