A structure plan for the southern IJsselmeer polders

[Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat, Dienst der Zuiderzeewerken (RWS, ZZW)]


The structure plan shows the relationship between the several, changing subparts of the whole plan. Every design for a this plan rests upon factual data and upon estimates of the future which, except for the natural background, relate to the distribution of the population and the exercise of its activities. An analyse of this factual data and estimates precedes the design. The vision, as basis of design, is presented in the contributions "to an open plan" and an estimate of the future traffic in this new region. Considerated are succesively: the starting points, the relation with the surrounding districts, the communications network, the structural division of the polders, the control of the water levels, and the landscape.

17 p.
1 krt.
(Nota / ZZW ; 265)
Vert. van: Een structuurplan voor de Zuidelijke IJsselmeerpolders. [1960].